Transform Europe:
Monday, the 25th of May at 15:00 CET, join our second webinar on Health Care as a commons „The health system as a common good and the fight against big Pharma with special regard to Europe“.
Birgit Baier will moderate the discussion with Marisa Matias (sociologist, Member of the European Parliament of GUE/NGL and President of the EP-Intergroup on Commons during the previous term), Nicoletta Dentico (activist journalist, with work on the intersection between public health, innovation and IP and currently the lead of the Global Health Programme in SDI) and Sangeeta Shashikant (coordinator of the ThirdWorldNetwork’s programme on IP and Development)
Registrations now open at…/register/WN_Ll5hxQCoT16raWUwHBCJCg

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